Cecile & Naji beach party Mykonos

I don’t even know how to begin, how beautiful everything was and how good I felt. Everything was exquisite: people, location and the overall experience. This made me feel very good and lucky at the same time that I arrived there.
Cecilé and Naji’s wedding was different, it lasted a whole weekend, a weekend full of fun, relaxation and celebration of the important event in their life. They choose to make their weeding in Mykonos because they met there.
After they told me their story I was even more excited to be their wedding photographer, and as soon as I got there I started to capture their moments. In this article you can see the photo shoot made at sunset, and of course the party before the wedding, from the Santa Marina’s resort beach. The party was wonderful and impressive, probably the most crazy and nook party I have ever attended.
This was my first wedding as an international photographer and it was an unique experience. I was accompanied by people who made me feel as one of them and in the same time appreciated.
I invite you to see their photos from below and also their wedding photos here.