Cecile and Naji wedding in Mykonos, Greece

After the beach party followed the wedding, the elegant, refined part where I started a little on the rush, but after the religious ceremonies everything started to be a little more relaxing. This wedding destination was very interesting, I saw how people from different cultures can be in harmony together and this was noticed also in the religious ceremonies where there was a jewish and a catholic one. The emotions, smiles, the feelings were like a movie in front of my camera.
After the ceremonies there was a photo session on the beach with Cecile and Naji, and after that the wedding dinner! The location for the wedding diner was gorgeous, the lights, flowers, the details, everything was well organized by Cecile, she was very focused on details. After dinner Cecile’s father singed a song for his daughter and then „Champ-Elysees”, everybody was very happy to hear that, because Cecile is from France and Naji from Beirut, Labanon.
The party continued on the beach again, in the same way they taught us, crazy party!
After the flight home, from my first wedding with an international destination, I felt that I was received by strangers so nice, that they made me feel like I belonged there, and more important, I’ve got new friends, Naji and Cecile are now my newest couple of friends!
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